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realizing the truth

 I’m realizing things. It’s good, yet not a happy good. I’d like to think it’s a good that will help me move forward though.

 I called the doctor to see if it’s possible to get in next week. I’m just really having a tough time right now. This doctor is really good about promptly returning calls, so he just called back. I’ll see him in a few days.

 I guess I’m just accepting that no matter what issue I have, this will take hard work to manage successfully-no matter what the medication is.

 I was rejected once for an individual policy eeons ago due to being on antidepressants. My work was trying to save money on health insurance and had us all apply. I was game-and stupidly honest. I was on an antidepressant and had no qualms about admitting so-stupid me.

 I was denied. Fortunately, a few others didn’t want to get off the decent policy at work, so I stayed on that. I was pissed though.

 “What was the logic of this insurance company?” I thought. “They denied me, but accepted a smoker with high blood pressure!”

 Even though I wrote a letter to my state’s insurance regulator protesting this stupidity, I learned a truth. Individual insurance policies will deny you coverage if you’re on antidepressants. Because of that, I wanted to try my hardest always to stay off them.

 And I have, for a year.

 I may just be having a tough time right now and need an antidepressant to get back on track. It may be more. Who knows? I need to be totally honest with him though.  Maybe I’m finally ready to do so?

 So, I’ll mention to the doctor what I’ve mentioned about my cravings. We’ll discuss things and hopfully, I’ll accept what’s mentioned.

 I just want to get back to work and feel like I’m moving forward again. Is that such a bad thing?

 And hopefully the name of this blog isn’t changed.

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