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Job hunt: how’s it going?

 It’s now been over a month since I quit my job, and I’ve had one, count ’em, one interview.

 The interview was with a small newspaper at the other end of the county I live in. I worked at that end of the county for 7 years, so that wasn’t even the problem. In fact, I left earlier than I felt I needed to-thankfully.

 And I barely made it on time. Barely. (I misjudged how far away this place would be. It’s literally at the tail end of the county I live in! Literally!) It took me 40 minutes in non-rush hour traffic, driving 80 miles an hour. Imagine what rush hour traffic will look like?

 I’m sorry, but the ad was misleading. The position advertised for was a reporter. Oh yes, I’d definitely be the reporter-and editor-for one paper. Needless to say, I nearly had an ulcer as I sat through the interview.

 On one hand, this position would look great on my resume. I’d be an editor and would also supervise freelance writers. Did I also mention that the office is literally right down the street from the beach?

 On the other hand though, that commute will absolutely drain me.  It wasn’t fun to drive to that end of the county when I worked down there for 7 years. In fact, sadly enough, I was happy when I had to come in 2 hours later near the end. That only took me 20 minutes.

 I also don’t feel that I’m qualified enough to handle the position. I feel I need guidance from an editor for a little while longer before I can become one.

 This almost makes me want to start a business of my own. That is, if I could think up an idea….

 Ahhh, the job search fun. I hope it ends soon.

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If at first you don’t succeed, you’re probably ADHD….

 I got to thinking about an ex-boyfriend today. It wasn’t a romantic nostalgia trip. He was right though.

 M was probably ADHD himself and was trying to cheer me up. I met him at my internship right before college graduation. I sucked at that internship, which was when I got my first clue that I possibly had a problem.

 M didn’t care though. He personally had the experience of getting fired from his first real job out of college. He tried again and got another position in the same field. He moved on a few years later to another better position in the same field.

 I had to keep trying, he said. No excuses.

 I really didn’t try. I felt bad. I was depressed. Maybe God didn’t want me in this field?

 And so, I flittered around all these years without direction. That is, until this past year.

 It sucks to keep trying. The mental energy is unbelievable. I have to try again though.

 I thought about those wise words of advice given to me now almost 14 years ago as I sent an email out today asking  an editor at another major newspaper if they possibly need freelancers. It can’t hurt to try, I figured.

 I haven’t heard back yet and maybe I won’t. I just needed to try.

( I still feel bad that I screwed up so majorly, by the way. It got me a little depressed.)

 I’m also going to join the alumni chapter of my school that’s for people of my major. Can’t hurt, I figure, since I’ve heard that getting a job is all about who you know. I’ll also fix up my Linkedin profile.

 What’s that? You say trying again isn’t all that bad?

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Da plan…

 So it has now been 3 weeks since I did the stupidest thing imaginable and quit my job.

 The psychiatrist told that once I felt better to start making a plan on how to move forward. I’ve not come up with a solid plan, but have come up with a few things that I know I need to do in order to move forward:

  • I need to keep freelance writing to have my name out there. I freelance for 1 site and will do some work for another one again. I need to keep on doing that to not have gaps in my resume.
  • I would love to learn more about public relations and in some way, get a job utilizing those skills, plus the journalism skills I already have. I just started following a PR wire service blog that is really fascinating to me. I enjoy reading it because I feel as if I’m learning something every time I have the chance to read it.  The funny thing is, I thought that I should emphasize in PR when I was in college and moved to journalism instead. Why did I change? Lack of self-esteem probably due to my ADHD. Sad, but true.
  • I’ve noticed while scanning job ads that it’s awesome to have PR and journalism skills, but without knowing Web design skills, good luck getting hired. I need to learn Web design. A friend of mine who runs a Web design business told me what books to buy to teach myself.
  • I realize that I probably can succeed the best running my own business. A psychiatrist told me once that we ADHD’ers are better off in business for ourselves-and I think he was probably right. I had an idea ages ago about a business idea that I personally believe could work. I need to think about it and figure it out though.  
  • And finally, I need to lose weight. I know you’re probably thinking “???,” but it does apply. I don’t even want to tell you how much weight I’ve gained since I stopped the Desoxyn cold turkey. (Dumb, dumb me! And why didn’t the doctor tell me it’s also prescribed as an appetite suppressant?) Society is cruel though, and I know it will stop me from achieving my career goals if I don’t take this weight off.

 I know it’s not a solid plan yet. (Or is it?) I think it’s good that I’m at least thinking about the right direction to go in, whereas off the medication, I may have a thought here and there.

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