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No action going on in here, trust me!


 This, my fine feathered friends, is a portion of my bedroom. Sad, huh?

 It’s a really good thing I’m not seeing anyone right now, as this would be the last place anyone would want to be intimate. With clothes strewn about and my procrastination picture laying to the side (It’s supposed to go above my bed. Don’t ask how long I’ve had this picture sitting there! After all, I live in Southern California, earthquake central, and need the perfect picture hangers so the damn thng doesn’t fall on my head one earthquake ridden eve.) , it’s not exactly action central!

 With my unfortunate unemployment though, I’ve been cleaning my place up. I’ve been wonderfully consistent with my to do list, which includes 15 minutes of daily cleaning. I’ve picked up my home in every area now, except the bedroom, which seems to have become my catch all. (Update on that front: I had an interview for a full-time job! Yippee!)

 I mean, it’s a yikes catch all! I need to vacuum, papers are everywhere…. Why do I do this?

 I did the same type of deep cleaning last year and coined it “Operation Condo Clean.” My bedroom was worse then, as I had a biiiig box in there that had sadly sat in the same spot ever since I moved to my home. I felt such a sense of pride when that room was totally cleaned.

 And I come back again. My once a year cleaning spree. What is it with us ADHD’ers that we do this? Why can’t we just keep our homes clean and be done with it?

 I think we are among many, as this site gives us women ADHD’ers tips on how to clean. I had to laugh with point #10. It’s no fun to put it away where it belongs! 😉

 I’d like to know how the rest of you clean and better yet, maintain that cleanliness once your deep clean is over with. Trust me, I’d love to know!


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