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Accepting that I may have other issues

 I’ll admit that I loved it when my psychiatrist said that he felt I was classic ADHD a few months ago. That felt good.

 It felt good that I wasn’t told no, it’s just depression, here are some anti-depressants and be on your way, as I’ve been told in the past. I also appreciate that the doctor is conservative with medication. However, I wonder….

 “Last month was just not good,” I told Dr. W a few weeks ago at my appointment.

 “Why?” he asked.

 I told him stress over my health issues. I told him that nothing was getting done.

 The doctor wants me to wait 2 months to come in again and resolve what’s bothering me before he considers other medication. I respect that-and did until last night.

 I just spoke with the doctor today because I’m wondering if I may need to come in sooner to discuss other medication. One doctor felt I may be bipolar. He thought that was jumping the gun a bit. I feel I may need some help with anxiety though. Ohhhh, that has been through the roof lately.

 I agreed to track my moods until my next appointment and also call him if I feel worse. He apologized that he didn’t ask more questions when he first began treating me.

 It’s hard to accept that ADHD may not be my only problem. I have to though in order to be a functioning member of society.

 How many of us have other issues besides ADHD? I’m curious.


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anxiety on overdrive, take ten!


 I did a very stupid thing recently related to work that was due to my ADD, and when I was alerted to it, my anxiety went into overdrive. I handled it so poorly that I think I looked like a nut case. We’ll see though.

 I don’t know if I’m naive, was lacking some inert instinct or a combination of both. I commented on a blog, when I know darned well for my job that I can’t. Basically, the Web sites I freelance for were not too happy with me.  

 And I assumed things I shouldn’t have. Sigh…. I kick myself for this behavior. I want to not repeat it again, but know I probably will. It’s interesting to find this about naivete and ADHD. This is also intriguing. I guess it is common in people with ADHD. I’m not alone.

 Lesson learned, I guess. I also need to be careful.

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