Whadya know? I needed it….

 Hello again all,

 I’m doing much better. I actually needed Effexor XR. I also realize that I’m more focused now also.

 There are some health issues going on with me right now. I had lightly touched on this before, but I’m having an issue with one of my breasts. I’ve been under the care of a breast surgeon for a few months now. Nothing looks suspicious from the ultrasound or mammogram. I’ll have one more ultrasound though, and if that comes back as a ductal papilloma, I’ll need a biopsy. The procedure sounded icky when she explained it to me, so I hope I don’t need to go there. 😦

 Here’s the interesting part though. My ducts are open, which the doctor said should only be happening if I’m pregnant or nursing. (I’m none of the above.)  Blood work showed I have a higher than normal prolactin level. I had to repeat the blood test, and if that comes back high again, that may show a tumor in my pituitary gland.

 A brain tumor? Wow.

 I pray that I don’t have that, but it sure would explain some things. Would it explain the ADHD also? I guess I’ll wait and see.

 The therapist is also curious if I’m diabetic. I guess that can make your moods shift dramatically. It wouldn’t shock me in the slightest if I were. I want to try out a new primary doctor, so I guess we’ll see soon!

 Getting back on the Effexor XR has taught me something. It’s always good to be skeptical and work through things without meds. If you need meds though, you need them. I don’t want a crutch, but I also want to be a functioning member of society. 

 I’m curious how many ADHD’ers are also taking anti-depressants. Let me know. Let’s talk about it.

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