all systems remain (almost) the same

 Today was the day of 2 doctor’s appointments. I saw the psychiatrist and he said that nothing I told him sounded remotely close to bipolar disorder. It sounded to him that all the stress I’ve been feeling lately has piled up and re-triggered depression and anxiety. He prescribed Effexor XR, for now. He asked me why I got off them before, and I said, “I realized that some of this is simply life.” His response shocked me. “THANK YOU!” I appreciate his conservative approach, but, um….

 I also saw a new therapist that he recommended. She immediately caught the ADHD and seemed to understand quite well why I was depressed. We’re going to discuss breaking things down into smaller, manageable tasks.

 So, here’s to feeling less anxious, exercising more and eating healthier to be on top of my game.



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